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Fellowship Night and Hiking With KNE

2014-04-04 / 2014-04-04

The project of Fellowship nights and hiking was hosted by Rotaract Club of Budol for Rotaract Club of Kathmandu North East. A fellowship night Read More

Participation in Rotary Community Service Project

2014-01-26 / 2014-01-26

The Ceramic Water Filter Distribution sponsored by COmmunity Health Center and supported by Community Development Relief Agency Nepal was held Read More


2013-11-06 / 2013-11-06

IPDRR Rtr. David Shakya Facilitated the Club COTS among the members of RAC Budol. THe whole session was divided into the funfilled subsessions Read More

Polio Campaign

2013-10-24 / 2013-10-24

The I.P.P, the secretary and the treasurer attended the rally along with the rotaractors and rotarians from R.I. 3292
Read More

Helping hands to KNE and its SAP

2013-10-15 / 2013-10-15

on a short notice and invitation of the RAC Kathmandu North East to join hands in their Smile Project  on the day after a Bijay Dashami. A Read More

Dashain Greeting Exchange and Hi-Tea Fellowship

2013-10-05 / 2013-10-05

RAC Kathmandu North East Hosted the Hi-tea fellowship program for RAC BUDOL where SEcretary for RAC Kathmandu North East Rtr. Suchan Badyakar and Read More

Flag Exchange

2013-09-28 / 2013-09-28

President RAC Annapurna Rtr. Evik Karmacharya, President Himalaya Patan Rtr. Rikesh Maharjan, and President RAC Budol Rtr. Shree Krishna Dhital Read More

Intenational Peace Day Art Competition

2013-09-21 / 2013-09-21

THe Program of On-The Spot art Competition at Vidhyasagar School was observed on the day of International Peace Day with the Theme"Peaceful Read More

Clean Up Banepa_Nepal

2013-09-21 / 2013-09-21

TOtal Participation of more than 117 of the participants marched for a rally for awereness and ended with a Lecture series from Environmental Read More

Club T-shirt making Project

2013-09-14 / 2013-09-14

HOG Heaven foundation USA/Australia sponsored  partial aid to spoort members of RAC Budol get the club T-shirt and in return Rac Budol added Read More


2013-08-31 / 2013-08-31

The second installation of RAC Budol was jointly done with RAC Phulbari in the presence of ZRR and ZS of Zone 10. Immediate Past Presidnet Rtr Read More

Charter Day Celebration

2013-08-30 / 2013-08-30

The Charter Day Celbration began at 4pm to 7pm. The Happy Birthday Cake was sponsered by the incoming president and outgoing president and all the Read More

Orientation program for the new Peacepals

2013-08-24 / 2013-08-24

Having worked a year with Project Peacepal, as a new population of intake of the new batch of peaceals required dwelling up the knowledge about Read More

Classification Talk

2013-08-03 / 2013-08-03

Sponsored by the  Pariyati Sikshya Parisad, the documentary show was hosted by RAC BUDOL. The documentary show was followed by a short Read More

Professional And Leadership Development Trainiing

2013-07-20 / 2013-07-20

THe facilitator and Leadership Trainer Rtr. Anil Shrestha PP Rotaract Club of Kathmandu Mid Town facilitated the whole session of professional and Read More

Club Assembly

2013-07-13 / 2013-07-13

1. All the Avenue Directors an d officers presented a written statements of their 3 months plannings.

2. P.S.T assured of facilitating the Read More

Distrct Award

2013-06-08 / 2013-06-08

We won the Outstanding Project Award for Plastic Pond and Rain Water Harvesting project-our signature project. We built up a good fellowship among Read More

Joint Meeting

2013-06-08 / 2013-06-08

The joint meeting was aimed to know and increase fellowship among the rotaractors from the both clubs. Talking about the past, present and future Read More

Twin Club Formation

2013-06-01 / 2013-06-01

The MoU was duly signed by the Presidents of the both clubs and a copy of each were kept for record with each. This took place amidst a regular Read More

Rainwater Harvesting and Plastic Pond Project

2013-05-25 / 2013-05-25



In the context of Nepal, the fiver river basins, all important tributaries of the River Ganges, contribute 71% of the Read More

District Assembly

2013-05-18 / 2013-05-18

Attended District assembly and leadership training named "Manthan" with 8 board members and 1 general members. Each members were traind Read More

Women Tailoring Project

2013-01-06 / 2013-01-06

Introduction :

Phoolbari Village is a village of bio-divesity with different ethnic groups and religions living in a harmony . Many families Read More

Khaijedi Bhajan Promotion and Preservation Project 2012

2012-11-14 / 2012-11-14


A Bhajan is any type of devotional song. It has no fixed form: it may be as simple as a mantra or kirtan or as sophisticated as Read More

Well construction and Water Tank Implantation Project

2012-09-16 / 2012-09-16


The project is supposed to somehow solve the water problem in the Phoolbari Village.The project aims at the construction of the Read More

Water Tank Implantation Project

2012-07-08 / 2012-07-08


The project aims at installation of a 2000 liters tank just above the tap (Dhumge Dharo) at Budol including re-construction of Read More

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